Blake Gantz


Effective graphic design can be more powerful than any means of communication. No one outside of the design world can truly appreciate what it takes to design something so simple, yet so effective. Logos and marks are taken for granted, like ideas that just popped out of our (heads) while sitting on the toilet. But does anyone really understand how much time, effort, and planning it takes to sum up an entire company's mission and image into one small icon? Does anyone really understand what amazing typography can achieve for an intended message? Great designers and artists are my inspiration because they've earned their recognition through dedication and hard work that allows them to communicate through design for any project.

I'm influenced strongly by skate/surf/snowboard design graphics on apparel and board decks. Some of my favorite artists/designers include: David Pappenhagen, Paul Howalt, Flying Fortress, Tes One, The London Police, Brian Gibb, Mark Searcy, Art Prostitute, The Public Trust, Dave Kinsey, iso50 (Scott Hansen), Buff Monster, and Hillebrand Cory Design Communications.

My non-art/design related influences include: my family and friends, The Flight of the Conchords (mostly Jemaine Clement), Demetri Martin, Troy Smith, Ken Griffey Jr., Jeff at Taco C, my nerf vortex football, my autograph collection, a nicely organized computer desktop, and a juicy glazed donut.

Outside of design, I enjoy normal human being things, like The Ohio State Buckeyes, all Dallas pro sports teams, the 3-taco combo at Taco Cabana, rollerblading with my shirt off as long as I don't encounter anyone I know, diet coke, my bulldog Bruno, and my current personal side project: Toyhippo.

Playing my ps2 is quite addicting, especially if I'm playing NCAA football or grand theft auto. I find that a quick drive-through for fast food can be really rewarding after a long day of being really unproductive.